North Carolina Governor Says Supreme Court Rejecting Voter ID Only ‘Temporary’


By Nicholas Ballasy
PJ Media

WASHINGTON (May 19, 2017) – Gov. Roy Cooper (D) called the Supreme Court’s rejection of an attempt to resurrect North Carolina’s voter ID law only a “temporary win” because he expects the state legislature to pass a similar law in the near future.

“North Carolina is an epicenter in the country for the fight for the right to vote. When you look at what the North Carolina Republican legislature has done over the last few years, it’s been disastrous. The Fourth Circuit said the North Carolina Republican legislature discriminated against African-Americans with surgical precision. They actually asked for data on the habits of African-Americans and how they voted and drafted their legislation accordingly and the court, thankfully, saw through that,” Cooper said at the Center for American Progress’ Ideas Conference on Tuesday.

“But this general assembly doesn’t stop. This was a temporary win yesterday. My Republican governor predecessor appealed this to the Supreme Court. I withdrew that appeal, which helped us to get the Supreme Court not to hear it – but this legislature probably within 10 days will pass another kind of law that will probably eliminate, again, same-day registration, will still have some type of voter ID requirement,” he added.


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